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We have developed a unique and innovative visor add-on for the hockey helmet to protect the lower part of the face. The concept is simple: a metal grid composed of metal wires shaped to descend from each side of the helmet down to the lower face in an oval half-cage fashion to protect the chin, teeth and jaw, but also to stop any sticks going up under the visor & into the eye.

The Wargate Shield, will enable players to play with the best visibility on the market while having the most protection. Not only is our product convenient, light and comfortable, but it gives a full-face protection when added to the visor. The Wargate Shield is fixed directly onto the helmet on each side of the temple using the same bolts as the visor. Thus, any impact is absorbed by the helmet.

Our goal is to prevent eye, jaw, teeth and nose injury for hockey players over 18 years old who wish to wear the visor. The cost of face injuries every year in the NHL alone is worth over 80 000 000 $. And yet most leagues only require players to wear a half visor… The NHL made helmets mandatory in 1979 and only recently made visors mandatory in 2013… As the pace of the game increases, we are confident one day full-face protection will be mandatory in most hockey leagues.

We are the company that manufactures the best facial protection that athletes can enjoy playing with, creating an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE !

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